KLIMT Inspired Dress fitting on August 19, 2012 (Madrid, Spain)

KLIT Inspired dress comes out of the closet

Today we had the first fitting of the  Klimt inspired dress which I will wear for KLIMT:  The Artist of the Soul this coming November.  This magnificent creation by Samuel Pertegás was made over four years ago, as a final project of Samuel’s degree in tailoring and dress design. It was seen in public only once, and remained in a drawer forgotten until a recent meeting between Samuel and pianist Emilio González Sanz, pianist and creator of the KLIMT:  Th Artist of the Soul project.  Assisted by designer and stylist Paula Ayala Rodríguez, the dress was fitted on me, and various things were talked and brainstormed, among them a plan on how I could handle the voluminous train with grace (of approximately five meters), which is made up of glorious patchwork and embroidery that emulates the stunning designs found in the paintings by Gustav Klimt.

Anna Tonna with “Klimt dress”, designed by Samuel Pertegás, for concert   KLIMT: Artist of the Soul

The dress has a allusions to modernism in the severe shoulders and bold patchwork design of the front bodice, but also essays a period fin de siècle cinched waist and bustle, which topples over the back in a stunning train of fantastical proportions. The dress is a spiritual calling to the divine feminine: beautiful, powerful yet terrifying; a mix of Samuel Pertegás, Gustav Klimt and Thierry Mugler.

The patchwork seems to take its cue from the man’s cape Klimt’s painting The Kiss:

To trouble shoot any difficulties, Emilio and I played through An die Musik and Gretchen am Spinnrade by Schubert, Im Triebhaus by Wagner as well as the second movement of La mort d’Cleopatre by Berlioz with the dress on.  Some adjustments will be made to make room for my flexibility for my ribcage, which needs a little less constraint to manage those long lines I need to spin out.

We couldn’t get enough of the dress yesterday afternoon, and took pictures on top of the fabulous train of the Klimt dress…Here is painter and musician, beautiful Patricia de Andrés getting her fill:

Patricia de Andres

Here is a close up of of some of the patchwork and embroidery:

Klimt Dress detail

Samuel did Indian dance inspired poses on the train of the dress:

Samuel on the Klimt dress

The afternoon ended with a fabulous and celebratory lunch out in the medieval section of Madrid, where we met nice gentleman taking pictures, offering the possibilities of a concert in Mexico! A true testament of  the quote “fling yourself out there and the Universe will create a net”.

Anna Tonna


Klimt dress after glow, in the medieval section of Madrid (Spain)

Paula Ayala Rodríguez, Anna Tonna and Samuel Pertegás

Thierry Mugler design


About Anna Tonna
Living between New York City and Spain, I am a mezzo soprano dedicated to the promotion of artistic projects involving the music of Spain and Latin America.

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